Daily Routine


Paid childcare is available for breakfast club from 7.30am


8.45-9.15 / 12.30-1.00
Welcome Time- Children arrive at Nursery and register with their key Worker. Staff and parents have time to chat and children can show parents what they have been doing. Children can meet up with their friends and talk about what they have been doing and what they might do that day.
9.15-9.35 / 1.00-1.20
Monday and Friday- Key Worker Group Time; Adult directed activity in small key worker groups based around maths and literacy. After the activity the children plan what they are going to do during the main part of the session. The key worker supports the planning process and monitors the children’s involvement and choices.

Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday- Planning time; We gather together in the piazza at the beginning of session as one whole group. Staff reveal what will be happening in each of the nursery areas that day. This will be a carefully planned activity based around: what the children already know; their skills and knowledge and how it can be built upon, what the children want to know; the thing or topic that is motivating them to learn, and previous days learning; ways in which staff can extend previous learning oppertunities.
9.35–11.05 / 1.20–2.50

Main Session- Children are able to access the whole of the Nursery inside and out. Some staff are based in areas while others are working on focused activities with individuals or small groups of children, based around our play based curriculum.
11.00–11.10 / 2.40–2.50

Tidy up Time- this is an important part of the session as it encourages children and staff to have respect for the Nursery environment, the resources and each other as they tidy up together.
11.10-11.15 / 2.50—2.55

Review time- We gather together at the end of the session in the piazza as one whole group; individuals or groups of children may want to share some learning that has taken place during the session, and to plan for our next steps for the following day.

 11.15-11.35 / 2.55—3.15
Group Time- Children and staff gather together into two small groups. Staff plan a group time based around our core book; this may be presented in a range ways for example- a story time, a music and movement session, or a sensory activity.

Paid childcare is available for lunchtimes and afterschool club until 6pm.