February - April 2018:


In the theatre:  Cheep, cheep.... The chick eggs have arrived! The focus in the theatre this half term will be monitoring the progress of the incubation period of the eggs using calendars and charts. We will also be focusing on life cycles and change over time.


In the studio: The focus in the studio this half term has been on upskilling the children in the tool work area. We have been looking at what the tools are, what we use them for, how we use them as well as slowly introducing new tools to the area. The children have so far looked at how to safely and correctly use a screwdriver which led to the discovery of the difference between nails and screws! Now we have introduced this tool we will embark on a journey of putting these skills to good use by 'taking apart' old electrical items and exploring what's inside.


In the garden: In the garden this half term we have had LOTS going on! We found the one and only Superworm wriggling around in our very own nursery garden. We continued to dig and found him a family. We looked at the size and shapes of the worms and represented our findings using drawings and writing. This then got us thinking about how they live beneath the soil, how do they travel? Do they spend time together or apart? We decided to explore these questions using a wormery. This has been an ongoing activity which the children are engaging with daily, observing if the worms have moved, looking for any tunnels and taking care of them ensuring they have enough water. The garden has also been the venue for potions and magic!! The children have enjoyed using the herbs from our herb garden, transferring them into the mud kitchen to create magical potions.


In the garage:





       -Nursery (3-4 Provision)
       -The Den (2-3 Provision)

       -Babies (0-2 Provision)

January - February 2018:


This half term our core stories have been the traditional tale of 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'The Runaway Wok' in readiness for Chinese New Year, both of which sparked lots of curiosity around all areas of nursery.


In the Studio: This half term the children have been drawn to the clay more than any other area of nursery. The children have been storying whilst in the clay using the core story 'The Gingerbread Man' as their main inspiration. They have been molding and shaping gingerbread men as well as the other characters in the story such as the fox and cow. We have been focussing on how to use the tools effectively to add detail to our models. This was also evident when we intorduced the theme of 'Chinese New Year' into nursery. After looking at and exploring Chinese items the children transferred what they had seen and represented their own ideas using the clay. Children were making chopsticks, bowls, woks and various chinese foods such as noodles focssing on the size and shapes tey were creating in the clay. The children were also inspired by the Chinese dancing dragon which they decided to create using junk modelling and material.


In the theatre: This half term there has been a huge focus around the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' in the theatre. The children have been creating their own stories of the gingerbread man, adapting existing characters and introducing new characters of their own creating very different story lines to the original. It has been lovely to see children using their own imagination, creating so much detail to their own individual representations of the story, the children have used drawings in order to tell their own stories.


In the garage: In the garage the children have been looking at using different shaped construction blocks to construct vehicles! We have even had a pirate ship built with an anchor and canons! With the introduction of Chinese New Year the children also wanted to find out more about the country China and discovered it had a great wall that had shops, trees and buildings along it! We then set to work consrtucting our own great wall of the garage.


In the garden:


November - December 2017


What a busy half term! We have been looking at Poppy Day acrss all areas of nursery talking about what it means to wear a poppy and why. We have also been on our winter walks with our families looking for seasonal changes and signs that tell us it is winter.


As a result of this interest we had lots of beautiful artwork being produced in the studio with children exploring different mediums such as chalk and charcoal.


Our Twinkly Light Walk was a massive success! A huge thank you to Puffing Billy, Olaf and Santa Claus himself for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us and make our night even more special. We have also enjoyed our Christmas Nativity performance in which the children did us proud. They were superstars! Another special thank you to Jason Robertson who was our DJ for our Christmas disco. We had the best time!




September - October 2017


Wow... What a fantastic start to the new academic year! We have been working hard across all of nursery to develop and establish routines with the children and staff. We have been focussing lots on all things autumnal which have included autumn walks with our families.


In the studio we have been exploring the colours of autumn, experimenting with the powder paints to mix autumn shades of oranges, browns yellows and golden. Following on from this, we then explored making paint using natural resources such as berries.


We have also celebrated Harvest Festival this half term, a special thanks to Bryony from our local church for delivering the celebration and taking time out to do so.


The children have found particular interest in seasonal change across all areas of nursery this half term and this is something we hope to continue through to next half term.



June - July 2017:


In the theatre: Thanks to the kind donations  our families on a weekly basis, all different kinds of flowers have took over the theatre! We've spent a long time studying the different kinds of flowers, discussing what we have experienced using our senses ie the smell, feel and the details that we notice in each flower. We have conducted our own experiments by disecting flowers, and much of the time this has led to children expressing their creativity by using the flower parts to represent as well as create abstract art. Our core book 'The Very Greedy Bee' led us to learn about the links between flowers and bees, we now have an in depth understanding of the realtionship beween nectar, pollen, flowers, honey and bees. We've looked at various types of honey and of course tasted them to enable us to compare and contrast the texture and taste that each of them bring. It didnt take long for the honey to be used as a creative resource on paper.


In the studio: This half term the children have shown a real interest in 'under the sea' in particular mermaids. Our new small world area enhanced this interest allowing children to act out roles using small world characters and become mermaids, crabs, fish and octopuss. The studio has also been took over by flowers; paricularly observational painting of flowers. Children have paid close attention to the finer details, and really focused in upon the colours, shades, depths and tones and used resources available to mimic these.


In the garden: Wow, what a brilliant half term in the garden! The sunshine has brought many of our children outside wanting to enjoy the warm rays of the sun as they play with their friends. Friendship have really blossomed and the garden has become a social gathering space for children to socilaise with friends and enjoy their time together. Our camp fire has been used as a bbq for cooking our allotment grown vegetables- delicious! Our celebrations of International mud day and sports day, whcih were celebrated outdoors, were a great success. Our Mud day raised a total funds of over £2,000 as children were challeneged to get as muddy as possible in our mud pool, making mud balls and splats, mud painting, and our mud foot spa to name a few. What an amazing day we all had!


In the garage: Throughout this half term the children’s growing fascination with sand has continued. A small group of children have shown a keen interest in using the sand to explore mathematical concepts, in particular measuring capacity and volume. They have also enjoyed group discussions which have encouraged them to make predictions, test out their theories and share their findings with other children and adults. Recently in the garage some of the children had expressed an interest in the subject of recycling so in the sculpture space we have been paying particular attention to the types of materials we use to create our sculptures. The children have begun sourcing recyclable materials and sorting them into groups with the plastic bottles proving to be the firm favourite so far.