November 2018-


As winter approaches our wildlife in the garden are looking for shelter from the cold and wet weather. We have been working together to plan and create a suitable home for insects and birds as we develop a new nature garden. In taking care of the wildlife, we have been learning about our important role in helping them scarvange for food through the cold months when food is scarce. We have been filling up our birds feeders, and watching the different types of birds that are attracted to the food. We have now began to make our own 'fat balls' to give the birds a tasty meal.


5,4,3,2,1... Blast Off!! Our theatre space has come alive with conversations, theories, and imaginitive play based around the sky and beyond. As we explored our star collection, conversation soon turned to things that we see in the sky. We wondered how the stars don't fall from the sky, and how they light up at night. Lots of very interesting questions have been asked!

Our focus has shifted towards space and the planets. Many of us couldn't quite believe we live on planet Earth, and that our little old Houghton is situated on planet Earth! There's still plenty more for us to explore on this subject as our journey into space continues.


In the studio we have been exploring various materials and how they form together when mixed. We have mixed paint and washing up liquid, paint and glue, and even paint and sand as we investigate textures. Using our mixtures we have made some fantasic art peices which you will be able to see on display in the studio.








       -Nursery (3-4 Provision)
       -The Den (2-3 Provision)

       -Babies (0-2 Provision)