The Den


This half term in the Den we have been sharing favourite stories chosen by the children and representing them through drawing our own pictures about the story.
We have also used some huge boxes to encourage us to use our imaginative and social skills to decide what we wanted to use the box for, this led to many happy days of having a box to hide in, a car wash and so much more until we began to paint it, this in turn then led to us mixing and making our own paints to use. The children showed amazing skills of turn taking in conversation, listening and speaking, decision making as well as great collaboration as we worked together.


In the garden: We have had so much fun looking after our resident Chicken’s, Cheep and Henrietta. Each day the children have been significant in their daily upkeep, helping to feed, water and retrieve their eggs. Alongside this we have been helping to look after the birds who visit our garden too, helping to keep the bird feeders topped up and the bird bath full with fresh water. This has made for great bird-watching too! We have identified many different types of birds in our garden such as pigeons, blue tits and blackbirds and some blue tits have even set up home here and we discovered their babies in one of our bird boxes! From this, the children took on their own project with help from Sam to make their own nest for the birds which we set up nicely in a tree in our nature garden. The children have developed a mutual care and respect for the birds and their observation skills have been fantastic! This care and concern for the birds has then been transferred to minibeasts, where we worked together to make a bug hotel for our very special snail brought in by one of the children and our soon-to-be-hatched butterflies! We are looking forward to continuing and developing this interest and project in the garden in the next half term!


Forest School: Some of the Den children also attended Forest School sessions where we had so much fun exploring and linking our play to nursery when we made claves out of sticks to make music and sing. We also developed and learnt new skills such as beginning to use a flint and steel to make sparks that could light our fire.