The Babies


November 2018-

The children in our baby room have had a busy start to the new half term, they have been using their whole bodies to experiment and discover with different sensory types of play and particularly enjoyed using the finger paints. The children scooped up huge handfuls which they manipulated with their hands, squeezing, patting and spreading and enjoying the textures of the cold paint. Some chose to use to the paint to make marks on large sheets of paper while others covered their bodies in the paint, watching fascinated as their skin changed colour.

We have also explored the colour of the poppy, red, black and green as we took part in activities surrounding Remembrance Day 2018.


We enjoyed getting messy as we made and ate our yellow spotty biscuits as we supported Children in Need 2018 and all came to nursery in our pyjamas and Pudsey Bear ears, while raising money for charity.

We have recently introduced our new collection of stars, complete with mobiles, lights and lots of different sizes and types of stars for us to hold and touch as we sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. This will lead us into further play around winter time and Christmas as the weeks pass by.










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