The Babies


What has been happening with our babies?


May 2017: This term has been very short; it has gone by so quick! We have welcomed some new friends into the room and said goodbye to some too, as they move into the den. We have all been very busy in the room; looking at our new core book Hooray for Fish, by Lucy Cousins. It has been a huge success, with everyone excited and engrossed in the story and even helping us to tell it too. Lots of the children can do the signs throughout and say many words now, so we introduced a second book – Peck, Peck, Peck, another book by Lucy Cousins. The children all adore the bright pictures and recognise the birds, pointing them out in the garden too.
As the initial story was based on fish and water, we explored everything associated with water, looking at the Talking and Thinking Tub, splashing in a small tray of water, increasing the volume of water used and adding objects like fish and boats.
Not only have the children demonstrated a passion for water, they are also fascinated by the dolls. They use them to imitate how we care for our youngest children in the room, copying our every move. It is wonderful to see the children being imaginative, but also using these skills to care for the youngest children and each other.








       -Nursery (3-4 Provision)
       -The Den (2-3 Provision)

       -Babies (0-2 Provision)


July 2017:

This term has been all about the MUD! Last term we were just becoming confident in using paint, so we offered mud as an alternative media to investigate. We began with a little in a tray to use in the same way as we would paint, and then gradually increased the volume to change how we explored this texture. We also went out into the garden to examine the mud – we had lots due to all of the rain this summer. Outside we could splash through the squelchy mud in our welly boots and scoop it up using the resources from the mud kitchen. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed being muddy and using it in different ways.

While we were outside we have been observing our chickens a lot more too, which linked to our core book; A Busy Day for Birds by Lucy Cousins. We have all adored this book and listen to it every day, joining in with the words, sounds and actions then linking them to our everyday experiences when we see birds in the garden.