The Governing Body meets every half term in the Nursery. It is responsible, working closely with the Head teacher, for making sure that the school promotes high standards of educational achievement.


Its duties include:

· setting strategic direction, policies and objectives

· ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

· the school budget· to oversee the financial performance of the school

. ensuring buildings are welcoming and safe

· appointing, challenging and supporting the Head Teacher


The Governing Body is made up of:

· trust Governors

· staff representatives

· community Governors

· parent Governors



The Governor responsible for Safeguarding in the Nursery is Mrs G Stokes



Chair of Governors: Terri Nugent

Safeguarding Govenor: Julie Campbell

SEND/ Pupil premium Govenor: Karen Tait

Resource committee: Beth Dunn, Terri Nugent, Rebecca Dixon, Karen Tait

Teaching and learning: Rebecca Dixon, Dianne Jefferies, Beth Dunn

Complaints: Terri Nugent, Diane Jefferies, Karen Tait

Attainment and achievement: Diane Jefferies

Behaviour and Safety: Terri Nugent, Rebecca Dixon

Safer recruitment: Julie Campbell, Sarah Dixon-Jones

Leadership and management: Terri Nugent, Julie Campbell

Govenors Clerk: Linda Jobson

Personnel appeals committee: Diane Jefferies, Julie Campbell, Cllr Kevin Johnston

Perfromance management: Terri Nugent, Julie Campbell


The clerk to the Governors attends and minutes all meetings.





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