After School Club



We offer childcare from 3:30pm - 6:00pm to children attending our Nursery, Bernard Gilpin and St Michaels. Primary school children are met at the end of the school day and walk to Nursery accompanied by a member of staff. Once at nursery, the children have access to the whole nursery both indoors and out. Children will be given oppertunities to use clay, a range of art mediums, and use outdoors so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing in their bags- we appreicate that this may take some planning ahead. On a daily basis we will offer various clubs such as movie night, outdoor team building, sports activities, science activities and more.


Babies accessing afterschool club provision will remain in the baby room, the 2-3 year old children will remain in the den, and 3-4 years old children will remain in the main nursery- as this is where children will feel most secure as the environment is familiar to them.


A light snack is served at 4:30pm in our dining room which include foods such as sandwhiches, cheese and crackers, salad etc, and followed by fruit.