0-2 Provision


We currently have a 9 space area for children aged 0-2 years which is within ‘The Den’ space. The environment has been developed to provide a warm, nurturing, homely space in which your child can thrive and develop. There will be a key person for each child; however there are three core members of staff within the room who all develop strong relationships with every individual. We hope that through these relationships, both you and your child will feel confident and comfortable when in the setting. Within the space we have an area for relaxing or sleeping, soft furnishings for those who are rolling and crawling to investigate, den spaces which promote interactions, role play to support imaginative development and sufficient space for sensory exploration. Generally we will always have these key areas, but it does change and adapt according to the children’s needs and interests. We also have access to the garden, which is a shared space for children aged 0-11 years. We find that this supports the building of relationships between peers and often siblings who also attend the setting.